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Custom Sunbrella Cushions
Dupione Papaya

by Sunbrella

NOTE - This fabric has a ribbed texture.

Dupione Papaya
Number :8053-0000
Material :Acrylic - Solution Dyed
Weight :Approx. 8.0oz per sq. yard
(271 grams per sq. meter)

$27.95 USD Per Yard

A sample swatch is available for this fabric
$3.00 USD Each  

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Sunbrella Berenson Tuxedo
Berenson Tuxedo
Sunbrella Brannon Redwood
Brannon Redwood
Sunbrella Brannon Whisper
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Sunbrella Bravada Limelite
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Sunbrella Bravada Salsa
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Sunbrella Davidson Redwood
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Sunbrella Dimone Sequoia
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Sunbrella Dolce Mango
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Sunbrella Dolce Oasis
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Sunbrella Dorsett Cherry
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Sunbrella Foster Metallic
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Sunbrella Gavin Mist
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Sunbrella Harwood Crimson
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Sunbrella Mason Forest Green
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Sunbrella Maxim Cocoa
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Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige
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Sunbrella Passage Poppy
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Sunbrella Regency Sand
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Sunbrella Seville Seaside
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Sunbrella Timeline Sprout
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Sunbrella Zenith Chestnut
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Sunbrella Astoria Lagoon
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Sunbrella Astoria Sunset
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Sunbrella Carousel Confetti
Carousel Confetti
Sunbrella Carousel Limelite
Carousel Limelite
Sunbrella Lido Indigo
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Sunbrella Milano Char
Milano Char
Sunbrella Milano Cobalt
Milano Cobalt
Sunbrella Milano Dawn
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Sunbrella Milano Flax
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Sunbrella Peyton Granite
Peyton Granite
Sunbrella Solana Seagull
Solana Seagull
Sunbrella Solano Fiesta
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Sunbrella Stanton Brownstone
Stanton Brownstone
Sunbrella Stanton Greystone
Stanton Greystone
Sunbrella Stanton Lagoon
Stanton Lagoon
Sunbrella Gateway Mist
Gateway Mist
Sunbrella Cabana Citron
Cabana Citron
Sunbrella Cabana Classic
Cabana Classic
Sunbrella Cabana Emerald
Cabana Emerald
Sunbrella Cabana Regatta
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Sunbrella Cove Pebble
Cove Pebble
Sunbrella Gateway Blush
Gateway Blush
Sunbrella Shore Citron
Shore Citron
Sunbrella Shore Classic
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Sunbrella Shore Emerald
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Sunbrella Shore Flame
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Sunbrella Shore Regatta
Shore Regatta
Sunbrella Token Caribbean
Token Caribbean
Sunbrella Token Surfside
Token Surfside
Sunbrella Icon Mystique
Icon Mystique
Sunbrella Decade Pewter
Decade Pewter
Sunbrella Decade Sand
Decade Sand
Sunbrella Icon Pop
Icon Pop
Sunbrella Scout Clay
Scout Clay
Sunbrella Traveler Lakeside
Traveler Lakeside
Sunbrella Douglas Onyx
Douglas Onyx
Sunbrella Kincaid Cypress
Kincaid Cypress
Sunbrella Peking Stratosphere
Peking Stratosphere
Sunbrella York Cypress
York Cypress
Sunbrella Del Mar
Del Mar
Sunbrella Mesa Stripe
Mesa Stripe
Sunbrella Sand Drift
Sand Drift
Sunbrella Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze
Sunbrella Seaside
Sunbrella Winter Stripe
Winter Stripe

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