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Put the life back into your patio furniture set!
With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, creating your own custom cushions is a snap! Simply follow the steps to your right and you'll be on your way to creating custom Sunbrella cushions right away.
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While we have made every effort to
give our customers the most accurate
representation of our fabric selection
some fabric images will vary in color
when displayed on different monitors
and may appear slightly different from
the actual fabric due to several factors
such as variations in lighting.

Sunbrella Fabrics

Our cushions are made of Sunbrella® 100% Acrylic fabrics.

Sunbrella® fabric is ideal for anything that needs to be used
both inside and outside the house. With every application,
Sunbrella® brand fabrics will make your life so much easier.
Not only is Sunbrella fabric made specifically for both indoor
and outdoor use, it is also fade-proof, stain-resistant, and
extremely livable.

Whether you are watching TV or sitting around your pool
Sunbrella fabrics are tough enough to withstand the rigors
of everyday life along with whatever Mother Nature can
throw at it. Since Sunbrella fabrics are specifically treated
to be UV resistant, your cushions will remain fade-free
for many years to come.

Click on any fabric below to see a closeup view.

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Sunbrella Air Blue
Air Blue
Sunbrella Antique Beige
Antique Beige
Sunbrella Aruba
Sunbrella Bay Brown
Bay Brown
Sunbrella Birds Eye
Birds Eye
Sunbrella Black
Sunbrella Brass
Sunbrella Brick
Sunbrella Burgundy
Sunbrella Buttercup
Sunbrella Camel
Sunbrella Canvas
Sunbrella Capri
Sunbrella Charcoal
Sunbrella Coal
Sunbrella Cocoa
Sunbrella Cork
Sunbrella Fern
Sunbrella Forest Green
Forest Green
Sunbrella Ginkgo
Sunbrella Glacier
Sunbrella Heather Beige
Heather Beige
Sunbrella Henna
Sunbrella Hot Pink
Hot Pink
Sunbrella Jockey Red
Jockey Red
Sunbrella Logo Red
Logo Red
Sunbrella Macaw
Sunbrella Melon
Sunbrella Mineral Blue
Mineral Blue
Sunbrella Natural
Sunbrella Navy
Sunbrella Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue
Sunbrella Palm
Sunbrella Parrot
Sunbrella Raven Black
Raven Black
Sunbrella Rust
Sunbrella Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Sunbrella Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Sunbrella Spa
Sunbrella Sunflower Yellow
Sunflower Yellow
Sunbrella Tangerine
Sunbrella Taupe
Sunbrella Teak
Sunbrella Teal
Sunbrella Terracotta
Sunbrella True Blue
True Blue
Sunbrella Tuscan
Sunbrella Vellum
Sunbrella Walnut
Sunbrella Wheat
Sunbrella Blush
Sunbrella Chestnut
Sunbrella Dusk
Sunbrella Flax
Sunbrella Granite
Sunbrella Iris
Sunbrella Maize
Sunbrella White
Sunbrella Regatta
Sunbrella Cast Ash
Cast Ash
Sunbrella Cast Lagoon
Cast Lagoon
Sunbrella Cast Mist
Cast Mist
Sunbrella Cast Oasis
Cast Oasis
Sunbrella Cast Petal
Cast Petal
Sunbrella Cast Shale
Cast Shale
Sunbrella Cast Silver
Cast Silver
Sunbrella Cast Slate
Cast Slate
Sunbrella Cast Tinsel
Cast Tinsel
Sunbrella Meridian Air
Meridian Air
Sunbrella Meridian Brick
Meridian Brick
Sunbrella Meridian Charcoal
Meridian Charcoal
Sunbrella Meridian Coco
Meridian Coco
Sunbrella Meridian Dove
Meridian Dove
Sunbrella Meridian Espresso
Meridian Espresso
Sunbrella Meridian Frost
Meridian Frost
Sunbrella Meridian Lemon
Meridian Lemon
Sunbrella Meridian Lime
Meridian Lime
Sunbrella Meridian Maize
Meridian Maize
Sunbrella Meridian Mango
Meridian Mango
Sunbrella Meridian Mustard
Meridian Mustard
Sunbrella Meridian Patina
Meridian Patina
Sunbrella Meridian Teak
Meridian Teak
Sunbrella Meridian Twilight
Meridian Twilight
Sunbrella Meridian Vellum
Meridian Vellum
Sunbrella Meridian Wren
Meridian Wren
Sunbrella Meridian Cameo
Meridian Cameo
Sunbrella Meridian Flax
Meridian Flax
Sunbrella Meridian Grain
Meridian Grain
Sunbrella Meridian Meadow
Meridian Meadow
Sunbrella Meridian Mist
Meridian Mist
Sunbrella Meridian Pewter
Meridian Pewter
Sunbrella Meridian Rose
Meridian Rose
Sunbrella Meridian Wisteria
Meridian Wisteria
Sunbrella Heritage Alpaca
Heritage Alpaca
Sunbrella Heritage Ashe
Heritage Ashe
Sunbrella Heritage Char
Heritage Char
Sunbrella Heritage Denim
Heritage Denim
Sunbrella Heritage Granite
Heritage Granite
Sunbrella Heritage Leaf
Heritage Leaf
Sunbrella Heritage Mink
Heritage Mink
Sunbrella Heritage Moss
Heritage Moss
Sunbrella Heritage Papyrus
Heritage Papyrus
Sunbrella Heritage Pumpkin
Heritage Pumpkin
Sunbrella Heritage Wheat
Heritage Wheat
Sunbrella Rib Natural
Rib Natural
Sunbrella Dupione Aloe
Dupione Aloe
Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo
Dupione Bamboo
Sunbrella Dupione Caramel
Dupione Caramel
Sunbrella Dupione Celeste
Dupione Celeste
Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk
Dupione Cornsilk
Sunbrella Dupione Crimson
Dupione Crimson
Sunbrella Dupione Deep Sea
Dupione Deep Sea
Sunbrella Dupione Dove
Dupione Dove
Sunbrella Dupione Galaxy
Dupione Galaxy
Sunbrella Dupione Henna
Dupione Henna
Sunbrella Dupione Latte
Dupione Latte
Sunbrella Dupione Laurel
Dupione Laurel
Sunbrella Dupione Nectarine
Dupione Nectarine
Sunbrella Dupione Oak
Dupione Oak
Sunbrella Dupione Palm
Dupione Palm
Sunbrella Dupione Papaya
Dupione Papaya
Sunbrella Dupione Paradise
Dupione Paradise
Sunbrella Dupione Pearl
Dupione Pearl
Sunbrella Dupione Peridot
Dupione Peridot
Sunbrella Dupione Sand
Dupione Sand
Sunbrella Dupione Stone
Dupione Stone
Sunbrella Dupione Walnut
Dupione Walnut
Sunbrella Flagship Alpaca
Flagship Alpaca
Sunbrella Flagship Cilantro
Flagship Cilantro
Sunbrella Flagship Eclipse
Flagship Eclipse
Sunbrella Flagship Flax
Flagship Flax
Sunbrella Flagship Guava
Flagship Guava
Sunbrella Flagship Hedge
Flagship Hedge
Sunbrella Flagship Hemp
Flagship Hemp
Sunbrella Flagship Ivy
Flagship Ivy
Sunbrella Flagship Pewter
Flagship Pewter
Sunbrella Flagship Reef
Flagship Reef
Sunbrella Flagship Rosewood
Flagship Rosewood
Sunbrella Flagship Rouge
Flagship Rouge
Sunbrella Flagship Sage
Flagship Sage
Sunbrella Flagship Silver
Flagship Silver
Sunbrella Flagship Twilight
Flagship Twilight

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